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Postgraduate research

Our PhD programmes

We offer the following postgraduate research degrees:

  • MPhil/PhD Computer Science
  • MSc by Research Computer Science

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Current PhD opportunities with funding

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Other PhD opportunities

We always welcome enquiries from students interested in undertaking a PhD in any areas of our research, and are happy to discuss scholarship and external funding opportunities. Contact an academic directly via our research group pages, call our admissions team on +44 (0) 1392 722730 or enquire online.

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Our research community

As part of the Computer Science research community you will not only be amongst the brilliant minds in the sector, but collaborate with them too. Our postgraduate research students gain a rich learning experience and play an instrumental role in contributing to our research specialisms with their own knowledge and skills.

Computer Science is based in the Harrison building on Streatham Campus, which is the heart of the college's research and teaching. Our postgraduate research students are surrounded by experts across many different research fields, and input into the productive and vibrant Harrison research community.

I chose to study at Exeter because of the high quality of research that's produced here. I want to be in the position that I can produce quality research independently and I knew that I could learn that here.

The location is a nice bonus too. There are moors to explore, sea to dive and an airfield nearby if you fancy learning to skydive. It's also undeniably beautiful so it's easy to find somewhere if you just need a rest.

I'm currently working with BT researching the development of systems that will reduce the environmental impact of their network and paving the way for 5G communications.

As an academic you'll get the freedom to pursue whatever interests you in your field. My advice would be to make sure that your research is making the world a better place, even if it's only by a little bit. The world turns on small moments and your little bit might make all the difference.

Joe Billingsley

I picked the University of Exeter for my studies because it is one of the top universities in the UK, especially in my field.

My research is concerned with machine learning problems. Many machine learning problems involve a trade-off between more than one objective. For example, different measures of accuracy/quality, computational cost, solution robustness, etc. Multi-objective evolutionary algorithms have been used to find the optimal trade off between these objectives.

Ensemble learning allows the variance in predictions to be reduced by combining predictions from an ensemble of learners. Members of the ensemble are made diverse by giving them different architectures or by training on different views of the data. Usually the ensemble's members are specialised for one particular objective, but for multi-objective learning and prediction, we seek to learn from ensembles of learners that have diverse skill in predicting the objectives. My project investigates the use of ensembles of multi-objective learners for learning in big data applications.

Carina Ivascu