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Cyber Security: Security and Trust of Advanced Systems

The Security and Trust of Advanced Systems group focuses on all aspects of building secure, safe, privacy-preserving, reliable, and trustworthy systems. Its current focus is on building systems that are secure and safe “by design” as well as in approaches for analysing the security or safety of advanced systems, including distributed systems (e.g. using Blockchain), autonomous systems, cyber-physical systems, automated control systems, or systems using ML or AI. The expertise of the group ranges from formal verification to more applied approaches using, e.g., static program analysis or dynamic testing. The group has expertise in the security of large enterprise systems, ranging from secure business process-driven systems to model-driven security to advanced access control systems.

The group is embedded in a strong cyber environment within and outside of the University. Within the University, cybersecurity is not only rooted within the Computer Science Department (e.g., working in the intersection of data science and cybersecurity, an area in which we also offer an MSc in Cyber Security Analytics): for example, we also work together with the Law School, which has a strong expertise in international cyber law, the Strategy and Security Institute, and we collaborate with the Management School on a MSc in Financial Technology. Outside of the university, we actively engage with the local industry, e.g., via the South West Cyber Security Cluster.