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Photo of Mr Alexander Richardson-Hall

Mr Alexander Richardson-Hall

Lecturer, CS Director of Admissions


About me

I am a Computer Science lecturer on the Digital Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship programme at the University of Exeter.

I am also the Director of Admissions for Computer Science.

In my previous roles, I worked in industry as a Security Analyst and Penetration Tester, as well as a Business Intelligence developer.

I have presented at conferences including the Institute of Internal Auditors' annual regional and national financial conferences on Cyber Security topics. 

Research interests and specialism areas

My areas of specialism and knowledge include Network Engineering, Cyber Analytics and Virtual Reality.

Within cyber security, I am particularly interested in cyber espionage and sabotage, threat intelligence, and cyber security tradecraft (Tools, Techniques and Procedures).

Interdisciplinary interests include cyber security education and pedagogy, and online misinformation propagation.