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Exeter School on Urban Analytics

Recent years have witnessed an accelerated increase in urbanisation, with a growing need to better understand rapidly expanding cities and urban environments in order to achieve sustainable urbanisation. The Exeter School on Urban Analytics will introduce some of the modelling and computational tools required for quantative analyses of cities. The increasing availablility of new forms of data derived from smart sensors and our interactions with large technological systems, such as the Web, social media platforms, and smartphones, requires Data Science and Artificial Intelligence techniques to properly understand urban environments and our behaviour within them. The school with present an overview of the methods used in urban analytics and provide practical examples of how they can be used.

The programme is delivered by eight lecturers on four basic modules, as well as a short project to work on. In the lectures, students will have the opportunity to interact with leading researchers in the area. The modules will cover essential aspects of urban analytics in order to provide attendees with a broad view of the field. Students will then be able to use the tools learned in the modules to develop a data-driven project to present at the conclusion of the programme.

Find out more about our 'Sustainability Summer Programme' which is taking place between 19-30 July 2021 by visiting our website.


A practical introduction to machine learning with python: Dr Federico Botta and Dr Chico Camargo - This module will give a general introduction to some machine learning techniques and how to use them using Python.

Network analysis and spatial networks: Professor Ronaldo Menezes and Dr Hugo Barbosa - In this module, we introduce network analysis and show how networks can be used to analyse spatial data.

Human dynamics and city science: Dr Riccardo Di Clemente and Dr Marcos Oliveira - This module gives an overview of human mobility, showing how new forms of data can help study cities.

Social media mining: Dr Diogo Pacheco and Dr Massimo Stella - This module introduces how to collect and analyse social media data, and how they can be used to study cities.