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Dr Tinkle Chugh

Research Updates

  1. Sep 2023 - The conference on multi-objective design of experiments with Alex Evans, BSc project student is now published and online.

  2. Aug 2023 - The book chapter on Identifying Correlations in Many-objective Optimisation in now published and online in the Many Criteria Optimisation and Decision Analysis Book (collaboration with A Gasper-Cunha at Minho, Portugal, Andre Deutz at Leiden, Joao Duro at Sheffield, Daniel Oara at Sheffield and Alma Rahat at Swansea).

  3. Aug 2023 -  The article on Treed Gaussian Processes in Multi-objective Optimisation is now published and online in the Evolutionary Computation Journal (collaboration with Atanu Mazumdar at Aalto University, Kaisa Miettinen at Jyvaskyla, Manuel Lopez Ibanez at Manchester and Jussi Hakanen at Silo AI).

  4. March 2023 - The article: Feature-Based Benchmarking of Distance-based Multi/Many Objective Optimisation Problems: A Machine Learning Perspective in now online

  5. Feb 2023 - I am the guest editor of the special issue of the ACM Transactions on Evolutionary Learning and Optimisation (TELO) journal on Data-driven Evolutionary Computation (with Prof Yaochu Jin, Hemant Kumar Singh, Xilu Wang and Alma Rahat)

  6. Feb 2023 - Invited to participate in the workshop on 'Multi-objective Bayesian Optimisation' at the University of Warwick on 27th Feb organised by Prof Juergen Branke and Dr Manuel Lopez-Ibanez

  7. Feb 2023 - Together with Arnaud Liefooghe, Sébastien Verel, Jonathan Fieldsend, Richard Allmendinger and Kaisa Miettinen, I published a paper: 'Feature-Based Benchmarking of Distance-Based Multi/Many-objective Optimisation Problems: A Machine Learning Perspective' in EMO 2023

  8. Nov 2022 - Joined the programme committee of GECCO 2023

  9. Oct 2022 - With Alma Rahat, I will organise a special session on Surrogate-assisted Optimisation in EvoStar, 10-14 April, 2023

  10. Oct 2022 - My BSc student Alex Evans presented our work on Multi-objective Design of Experiments at EA 2022

  11. Oct 2022 - Invited to participate in the workshop on 'Multi-objective Optimisation on a Budget' at Schloss Dagstuhl-Leibniz-Zentrum fur Informatik in Germany on 3-8 Sep 2023

  12. Sep 2022 - Joined the programme committee of EMO 2023

  13. July 2022 - I am appointed as Associate Editor of the Complex and Intelligent Systems journal. 

  14. July 2022 - Together with George De Ath and Alma Rahat, I published 'MBORE: Multi-objective Bayesian Optimisation using Density Ratio Estimation' in GECCO 2022

  15. July 2022 - I published my work on 'Mono-surrogate vs Multi-Surrogate in Multi-objective Bayesian Optimisation' in GECCO 2022

  16. July 2022 - I published my work on 'R-MBO: A multi-surrogate approach for preference incorporation in Multi-objective Bayesian Optimisation' in GECCO 2022

  17. July 2022 -  I and my MSc project student Endi Ymeraj published a conference paper titled 'Wind Farm Layout Optimisation Using Multi-objective Bayesian Optimisation Over Sets' in GECCO 2022

  18. July 2022 - I and my BSc project student Alex Evans sent a paper on Multi-objective Design of Experiments to the Artificial Evolution (EA) Conference 2022 to be held in Exeter, UK

  19. July 2022 - Dr Tomas Kratky from the Center of Hydraulic Research, Czech Republic visited Exeter from 16th - 22nd July

  20. July 2022 - Dr Bohumila Kracmarova from Nitra University Slovakia visited Exeter from 21st - 27th July