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Dr Rudy Arthur

Lecturer in Data Science



I am currently a lecturer in Data Science. I did a BA in Computational Physics in Trinity College Dublin and a PhD in Physics at the University of Edinburgh, graduating in 2012. Since then I've worked in academia and industry as a physicist and bioinformatician. I started work at the University of Exeter in 2017 as a researcher and was promoted to lecturer in 2019.

Research Interests

My research focusses on the interplay between geography and social networks. Some projects I am involved in or have been involved in are:

  • Using social media data to provide forecast verification data and now-casting during natural catastrophes, like floods and storms.
  • Using social network analysis to study the growth and spread of an organization of small farmers in East Africa.
  • Studying how clusters of dense connections in social media reply networks map onto physical locations, and what that tells us about people's online and offline communication.

I am also involved in the IoC C3 project, which aims to help people understand and navigate the digital job market.


I teach ECMM 455 Introduction to Data Science and ECM 3433 Data Analysis 1




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