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Photo of Mr Mohammad Rami Koujan

Mr Mohammad Rami Koujan

PhD Student


I'm a PhD student in the Computer Science department at the University of Exeter. My PhD topic is '3D Facial Shape Modeling and Analysis' which can be categorized under the 3D Computer Vision realm.

I did before coming to Exeter a two-year Joint Msc course in Computer Vision and Robotics (VIBOT), an Erasmus-Mundus Joint Msc course and a collaboration between three European universities (France, Spain, UK), and was fully funded by Erasmus+ for the whole period of my masters study. At the end of my Msc course, I was awarded the Msc degree with distinction. I did my undergraduate studies in Communications and Information Engineering and graduated as the top student in my faculty with a first class honours in 2014. My current PhD study is funded by the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences (CEMPS) at the University of Exeter.

My research interests mainly include Machine Learning, Image Processing and 3D Computer Vision.

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