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Photo of Mr Marcos  Diez García

Mr Marcos Diez García



Telephone: 01392 725910 or 01392 724507 or 01392 724521

Extension: (Streatham) 5910 or (Streatham) 4507 or (Streatham) 4521

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I am Marcos Diez García,  a PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Exeter since January 2017. I completed my Bachelors and Master Degrees in Computer Science at the University of Seville (Spain), from 2009 to 2016, with First-Class Honours . My Final-Year Degree Thesis is titled "Adaptive Mutation Factor in Genetic Algorithms" (in Spanish), passed with First-Class Mark (9.6 out 10), and was supervised by Agustín Riscos Núñez (member of the Research Group on Natural Computing).



My main research area is Theoretical Evolutionary Computation. My thesis topic focuses on the unification of theories on fitness landscape analysis and evolutionary algorithms, which historically have been formalised separately, with the aim of developing a unified theory that seamlessly integrates: the design and analysis of evolutionary algorithms, and fitness landscape analysis. The impact of this research is both at the theoretical and practical level of the next generation of evolutionary algorithms.

Other research interests/topics:

  • Evolutionary Computation: runtime analysis, multi-modal multi-objective optimisation, meta-heuristics
  • Mathematics: abstract convexity, abstract topology and geometry, metric spaces, discrete optimisation, graph theory, spectral graph theory
  • Information Theory
  • Logic and Knowledge: knowledge representation, automated reasoning, temporal logic, fuzzy logic
  • Linguistics: natural language processing


Extracurricular activities

I am an Open Water PADI licensed diver since September 2014. Recently, I became an Ashtanga Yoga practitioner in 2017. I also practice a number of sports including running, cycling, sailing, swimming, snowboarding and hiking. I see myself as an adventurer and passionate about wildlife. With my feet on the ground and an optimistic tendency.