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Prof Jonathan Fieldsend


Current grants

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, A comprehensive web-based tool to inform global public health adoption and therapeutic investment decisions on the costs and benefits of identifying people at risk of type-1 diabetes (T1D) world-wide, US $600,000, Dr Brett McQueen (Colorado PI), Prof. Jonathan Fieldsend (Exeter PI), Dr Richard Oram, and Dr Lauric Ferrat (2022-2024)

Previous grants

Innovate UK, From RIBA to Reality – Deep Digital Twin to enable Human-Centric Buildings for a Carbon Neutral Future, £335,912, Prof. Tim Dodwell (PI), Prof. Richard Everson, Dr Matt Eames and Prof. Jonathan Fieldsend (2020-2022)

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Improved, cost effective prediction of type 1 diabetes in early life using combined prediction models, US $380,760.47, Dr Richard Oram (PI), Prof. Jonathan Fieldsend and Dr Lauric Ferrat (2019-2022)

NERC, BIG data methods for improving windstorm FOOTprint prediction (BigFoot), £1,530,230. Prof. Peter Challenor (PI), Dr Theo Economu, Dr Hywel Williams, Prof. David Stephenson, Dr Chunbo Luo, Dr Jonathan Fieldsend, Prof. Richard Everson (2017-2022)

EPSRC, GW4 Tier 2 HPC Centre for Advanced Architectures, £3,000,000, Prof. S McIntosh-Smith (PI), Dr J Fieldsend, Dr P Calleja, Prof. J Davenport, Prof. M Parsons, Prof. R. Whitaker, Dr O Akman, Prof. B Wingate (2016-2021)

Innovate UK, EPSRC and Hydro International Ltd, KTP11477, £180,584, Prof. Jonathan Fieldsend (PI) and Prof. Gavin Tabor (2018-2021)

Innovate UK, Rapid Calibration for Operational and Strategic Twins, £262,482, Prof. Jonathan Fieldsend (PI), Prof. Richard Everson (2018-2020)

EPSRC, The Parameter Optimisation Problem: Addressing a Key Challenge in Computational Systems Biology, £600,000. Dr Jonathan Fieldsend (PI) and Dr Ozgur Akman (2016-2020)

EPSRC, Self-disclosing protective materials using synthetic gene networks, £653,000, Dr Thomas Howard (PI), Dr John Love, Dr David Fulton and Dr Jonathan Fieldsend (2016-2019)

EPSRC, Data-Driven Surrogate-Assisted Evolutionary Fluid Dynamic Optimisation, £555,000. Prof. Richard Everson (PI), Dr Jonathan Fieldsend and Prof. Gavin Tabor. (2015-2018)

Met Office, MASS Modelling and optimisation, £60,000,  Prof. Richard Everson (PI) and Dr Jonathan Fieldsend. (2013)

The IMC Group Ltd and the Technology Strategy Board, KTP008748, £131,000. Prof. Richard Everson (PI) and Dr Jonathan Fieldsend. (2011-2014)

EPSRC CASE award with Motorola Plc, Automatic coverage and capacity optimisation for next generation access technoilogy, £83,000. Prof. Richard Everson (PI) and Dr Jonathan Fieldsend. (2008-2012)

NATS Ltd and the Technology Strategy Board, KTP008748, £95,000. Prof. Richard Everson (PI) and Dr Jonathan Fieldsend. (2006-2009)

ai Corporation Ltd and the DTI, KTP001046, £223,000. Prof. Richard Everson (PI) and Dr Jonathan Fieldsend. (2004-2007)