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Prof Edward Keedwell


Prof. Keedwell currently teaches/supervises projects in:

  • ECMM423 Evolutionary Computation and Optimisation
  • ECM3001 Commercial and Industrial Experience
  • ECM3401 Individual Literature Review and Project
  • ECMM4xx MSc Projects

He has previously taught all or parts of:

  • ECM3412/ECMM409 Nature Inspired Computation
  • ECM3408 Enterprise Computing
  • ECM2417 Frontiers of Computing
  • ECMM214 Hydroinformatics Tools

Older taught modules (no longer running) include:

  • COM3521 Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering
  • BIOM505  Machine learning techniques and information systems
  • COM2408 Symbolic Artificial Intelligence
  • ECMM418 ITMB Case Studies
  • ECMM412 Machine Learning and Optimisation