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Photo of Dr Ayah Helal

Dr Ayah Helal



I am a lecturer in Computer Science in University of Exeter.

I hold a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Kent. My thesis addressed stream learning using ant colony optimization approach, under the supervision of Dr.  Fernando Otero and Prof. Alex Freitas.

My Ph.D. topic was around applying new pheromone model into current existing ACO inspired approaches in data mining. Namely, adding new pheromone model for the classification and regression approaches in Ant Miner. I extended the Ant Miner algorithm, and created a novel stream mining Ant Miner algorithm.

I possess key skills in machine learning methods, statistics, and programming (including  Java, C++ and python).

I hold an MSc in Computer Science (with Honors) from the American University in Cairo, with dissertation focusing on optimisation algorithms to solve QAP problems.