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Photo of Dr Avik Chakraborti

Dr Avik Chakraborti

Lecturer in Computer Science (E&R)


The basis of my research has been all the aspects of symmetric key based cryptology. One part of my  works are mainly based on design and implementation of fast and lightweight symmetric key based algorithms such as authenticated encryptions, MACs, blockciphers, streamciphers, unkeyed and keyed hashes. Another part of my works include cryptanalysis of symmetric key primitives in both in theoretical and practical attack models. I have primarily worked on various types of designs of authenticated encryption modes based on blockcipher, permutation and streamcipher. From a top level, the main goal is to understand lightweight and fast designs that can be deployed very efficiently and effectively for applications in IoT platforms.

I am currently participating in the NIST Lightweight Cryptography Competition for standardization ( Link). Two of my designs have been selected as finalists.