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Photo of Prof Achim D. Brucker

Prof Achim D. Brucker

PhD Supervision

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I always welcome applications from self-funded PhD students in all areas of security, safety, trustworthiness, or reliability. This includes, but is not limited to, topics in one or more of the following ares: formal methods, information security, software security, security engineering (both, software and hardware), verification, testing, and combinations thereof.

For more information about pursuing a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Exeter, please visit the postgraduate research page of the department. Each year there are also a number of studentships available, e.g., offered by the UK Research Council, the China Scholarship Council (CSC), or by the Commonwealth Scholarships Programme.

If you want to be supervised by me, please contact me at least four weeks before you apply (and before the deadline). This allows us to discuss (and maybe adapt) your research proposal. In your email (cover letter), please provide a short explanation why you want to be supervised by me, e.g.,

  • For topics proposed by me: provide a brief explanation why you are interested in my proposal and what prior-knowledge of the area you have. Areas I am currently particularly interested in include (but are not limited to):
    • Cyber-physical Systems for safety- or security-critical applications.
    • Formal approaches to web browser security.
    • Security testing or reverse engineering.
    • Program analysis or fuzzing for improving the security, safety, correctness of software applications.
    • Open source security and secure software supply chains.
    • Theorem prover-based testing.
    • Verification or testing of security or correctness properties for non-standard computing architectures (e.g. quantum computing, FPGA, GPGPU).
    • Integrating Formal and Semi-Formal Aspects of System Development for Certification Processes
    • Formal approaches to security and privacy.
    • Trustworthy ML/AI for high-assurance Systems.
  • For topics proposed by you: provide a brief explanation why I am the right person to supervise you, i.e., how does your proposal fit in my research (and where is my expertise beneficial). I also strongly recommend having a look on my publications and research. This should give you a good idea of the type of research I am interested in.

Ongoing PhD Projects

  • Supervisor
    • Teddy Cameron-Burke, University of Exeter, UK.
    • Amy Stell, University of Exeter, UK.
  • Co-Supervisor / 2nd Supervisor

Completed PhD Projects