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Computer Science

Photo of  Sakine Yalman

Sakine Yalman

PhD Student

 (Streatham) 4507 or (Streatham) 4521

 01392 724507 or 01392 724521


Sakine Yalman is a PhD student in the Department of Computer Science. She is supervised by Professor Achim D. Brucker and Dr Jia Hu

She graduated with a degree of Computer Engineering from Ataturk University in 2015, and has been awarded full scholarship by the Republic of Turkish Ministry of  National Education for her MSc and PhD in Computer Science. She completed her MSc at the University of Sheffield. She worked on blockchain systems, an implementation project which makes security anaylses on smart contracts.

Research Interests 

The main research areas are in cyber security, data security/privacy, Cloud/Edge Computing.

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| 2023 | 2021 |


  • Yalman S. (2023) Improving Confidentiality in Inter-Organizational Collaborations.


  • Brucker AD, Yalman S. (2021) Confidentiality Enhanced Life-Cycle Assessment, BPMN 2021 Workshops. [PDF]

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